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Watch Long Lost Family Online Series free

Long Lost Family

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Presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, the series offers a last chance for people who are desperate to find long lost relatives. The series helps a handful of people, some of whom have been searching in vain for many years, find the family members they are desperately seeking. It explores the background and context of each family’s estrangement and tracks the detective work and often complex and emotional process of finding each lost relative before they are reunited. With the help and support of Davina and Nicky, each relative is guided and supported through Read More ...

Season 8

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Episode 0- Christmas Reunion
(0 links) 2018-12-17
Episode 1- Episode 1
(18 links) 2018-07-17
Episode 2- Episode 2
(4 links) 2018-07-24
Episode 3- Episode 3
(0 links) 2018-07-31
Episode 4- Episode 4
(0 links) 2018-08-07
Episode 5- Episode 5
(0 links) 2018-08-14
Episode 6- Episode 6
(0 links) 2018-08-21
Episode 7- Episode 7
(10 links) 2018-08-28