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Set in the stunning Cornish countryside, Delicious is a surprising and compelling story of love, heartbreak, food and female friendship. When your best friend is your husband's ex, can you ever really be friends or will your secrets eventually overwhelm you?"Sensual and passionate cook Gina (Dawn French) was once married to Leo Vincent, a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner, with whom she has a daughter. Leo made his fortune from his exceptional Italian cooking - a family tradition he inherited from his ex-wife - and runs the idyllic Penrose Hotel in the Tamar Val Read More ...

Season 2

Episode 1 - Episode 1
(32 links) 2017-12-29
Episode 2 - Episode 2
(47 links) 2018-01-05
Episode 3 - Episode 3
(56 links) 2018-01-12
Episode 4 - Episode 4
(44 links) 2018-01-19